2021 highlights

As we step into the bright horizon of possibilities that is 2022, what better time to look back on 2021, and what it has taught us.

As we step into the bright horizon of possibilities that is 2022, what better time to look back on 2021, and what it has taught us.

For many of us, this year has been something of a blur. We have continued to work from home and have somehow tried to get used to the constant uncertainty. We followed the Mars landings with fascination and sought solutions as some weather events rocked our planet. We also transitioned to a more hybrid work reality, supported by emerging technology.

‍Through 2021, the nature of work changed for many people around the world, and we realised that the companies that exit the pandemic the best will be those that adapt to physical distance with more dynamic cultures. It’s been done before, we can do it again, and you can check everything about how to make the hybrid workplace equitable here.

‍We shared tips on how businesses can effectively employ agile. We shared updates on the accelerated pace of digitisation and virtualisation of business and how the IT industry is adapting. And we sure didn’t forget to look at what makes Portugal one of the most attractive countries nowadays, where there is still plenty of space to grow, and in which multinationals can expand and create jobs, and new companies can take their first steps to settle.

‍As we made technological advances, we continued to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, posting updates on why ensuring equal representation of women in the workplace can positively affect the entire organisation and how to achieve conscious inclusion.

‍We’ve all had to adapt to a new normal, and that was no different to everyone looking to land their dream job. Lisbon Tech Guide took that into account and helped all job seekers with tips on what to expect and prepare carefully to showcase their skills and experience.

‍Over this year, one of our primary efforts and strategies has been to promote Portugal and prepare the ecosystem to receive foreign entrepreneurs and businesses. It was a year to strengthen our partnerships and welcome new collaborations:

👨‍💼 We have supported more than 15 companies to establish their businesses in Lisbon, entering the market with more considerable competitive advantages, acting as their employer of record, and building their top tech teams;

💻 We created jobs and managed more than 76 people;

📍 We helped more than 40 remote workers relocate to Portugal;

🤝 We have partnered with ScalyingThe Fintech House, and Bynd Venture Capital, to provide all the necessary tools when it comes to facing up to the challenges and opportunities that businesses may come across;

💰We brought to Portugal more than EUR 4.5M in investment.

‍This year was also a reminder that our world is more connected than ever. It’s never been clearer that tackling big problems requires people working together across borders and sectors.

‍In 2022, as things (hopefully) move closer toward “normal”, we are looking forward to sharing new updates and stories. We are hopeful and so ready for a new year and a new beginning!


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December 30, 2021
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