Setup in Portugal

So you are moving to Portugal? First things first. Let’s get you set up with all legal requirements to make your life easier in the country.
Once you’ve decided that you’re moving to Portugal and chosen which city you want to call home, the administrative steps can sometimes turn into a vicious circle where it is difficult to see the end. Softlanding is your partner to guide you through all the stages of your setup in Portugal.

What do you need for your setup?

Tax Identification Number

NIF is the tax identification number that unlocks everything in Portugal. It is a unique 9-digit number assigned to you by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (also referred to as Finanças).

The NIF you get through Softlanding is your unique permanent number. We support all nationalities for our NIF service.

Residence Permit/Certificate

International individuals who wish to work and stay for longer than 90 days in Portugal may convert their visa to a Portuguese residence permit within the legal authorities.

If you are a EU citizen, you have the right to reside in Portugal without taking any particular steps. However, if you wish to move permanently to the country, you will need to register among the European residents of Portugal after you get your NIF. The Certificado do Registo de Cidadão da União Europeia (CRUE Certificate of Residency) is to be requested maximum 30 days after the end of the first 90 days.

Tax Residence Certificate

The Tax Residence Certificate is a document issued by the Portuguese tax authorities attesting that you are considered a tax resident in Portugal in a given fiscal year.

You become a tax resident either by spending 183 days or more per year in Portugal or by establishing a “place of abode” here, that you intend to keep and occupy habitually.

Non-habitual-resident status

Portugal’s NHR status is a tax status to benefit from a special tax rate. Under certain conditions, it allows a tax rate on income of 20% or even a total tax exemption for pensions of private-sector pensioners.

The purpose of this status is to attract foreigners with high value-added potential. If this is your case, Softlanding will take care of NHR application procedures for you.

Paperwork made quick and easy

Softlanding got you covered with all the process and is aware of every hoop you will need to jump through your setup.

If you are living in Portugal and you wish to work as self-employed, Softlanding will help you thrive in Portugal and assist you with your activity opening in order for you to register as a freelancer. At first, this may seem a little complicated, but we will try to deconstruct everything in the simplest way possible.

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