3rd meet and greet with Stefano Tron

Meet Stefano Tron, who joined the customer development team at Usercentrics as a senior frontend developer.

Why did you decide to join Usercentrics?

I particularly like smaller-sized companies because it allows you to know almost everyone, from the CEO to the working student, giving you a sense of belonging where your work as a team can have a major impact on the business. Usercentrics is a company at a startup stage but growing fast and is not short on challenges and opportunities.

What are your main responsibilities?

I joined the customer development team as a senior front-end developer. Implementing new features to existing projects, as well as ensuring development best practices through code review are part of my core responsibilities.‍

How was your onboarding process?

The very first day was a bit bumpy because of some technical issues but once resolved, I rapidly got access to my accounts and got a chance to get to know some colleagues. All in all, everyone was very nice and helpful which allowed me to become productive quickly.

What are the biggest challenges in starting to work remotely? Did change something in your lifestyle?

I started to work remotely full-time in 2017, so for me, nothing really changed. But even after 3 years, the challenges stay the same. Communication between team members and colleagues must be streamlined in order to stay as productive as possible. Establishing trust with people you have not met personally is an essential stepping stone to successful collaboration.‍

How is your daily routine?

I usually start my day by checking my email and messages. If I have code reviews to perform, I like to get them done in the morning, else I check my ticket list and continue to work on what I had going or I get started on a new ticket.

How do you keep in contact with your team?

For day-to-day communication between coworkers, we use Slack and Discord with open rooms that anyone can join. My team uses Jira to track issues and manage projects. We also have daily asynchronous meetings where every team member describes what he is doing and what he is going to work on.

What is the biggest advantage of starting to work remotely at a company?

When working remotely, good communication is key. A successful distributed team must have well-defined work processes to ensure that no information is lost and that everyone is constantly up-to-date. Using chat, email or similar tools as main communication means also allows us to always have a written record of what has been discussed and decided. One other obvious advantage is the flexible hours and the possibility to organize your workdays freely. All in all, from my experience, companies or teams are more efficient when collaborating remotely.

How did Softlanding support you in this stage?

From the start, Softlanding has been extremely helpful. They took care of organizing meetings with the employer and were always available and quick to respond. They were able to answer all the questions I could have. It’s a great team, thanks guys!


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July 24, 2020
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