8th meet and greet with Diogo Santos

"When you master this you'll feel the freedom and the responsibility of keeping up with your task and goals."

Why did you decide to join The Storefront?

During the interviews I had the opportunity to meet several members of the team from the United States to France. The Storefront has this amazing international culture as a company that is growing in several countries . Here, the digital approach isn’t an extension of the business but the business itself, shaping the culture of the company where every idea is welcome and appreciated. Here everyone has a voice!

What are your main responsibilities?

As a Growth Engineer, I serve as a bridge between the Engineering team and the Growth and Marketing Team. I take on small ventures, experiences and projects that will help take Storefront to the next level.‍

How was your onboarding process?

In the beginning, I was overwhelmed with everything as I tried to understand the technologies, tools and methods Storefront works with. But the team is amazing, every single one of them, and they were patient, offering to guide me through the whole process.

What are the biggest challenges in starting to work remotely? Did change something in your lifestyle?

The final weeks of my boot camp were already remote so I guess it made it easier, and the possibility of working remotely was one of the things that motivated me the most. We can be remote on Storefront but we’re never alone.

How is your daily routine?

I wake up at 7h30 to go for a walk or a run. I start working at 9 am, swinging between several projects and calls. At the end of the day, I keep up with my tv series or work on some dev projects for fun.

How do you keep in contact with your team?

The team uses Slack as a quick chat platform but also often Google Meets.‍

What is the biggest advantage of starting to work remotely at a company?

Mainly, it gives you the responsibility of time management which is very important when working from home. When you master this you’ll feel the freedom and the responsibility of keeping up with your task and goals. And let’s not forget, being able to work remotely opens the door to work in whatever company and wherever in the world, there aren’t any distance barriers anymore.‍

How did Softlanding support you in this stage?

My main contact with Softlanding is through Caetana who has been great. She’s a fast responder and a problem solver. It’s nice to work in an environment where you’re surrounded by awesome people.


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January 27, 2021
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